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A sucessful aquaponic system works on  the fish producing nutrients (fish poo) that cycles through to the plants which in turn filter the water, the filtered water is then returned to the fish tank and so the cycle continues.

A variety of fish can be grown and harvested all year round. Many fruits and vegetables grow very well in aquaponic systems.

Some maintenance is required such as water testing, but mostly all you have to do is feed the fish.

Jade Perch is one of the fish breeds that do very well in the aquaponic systems, it also has a very high Omega 3 content in relation to salmon & sawfish.

There are many great reasons to start growing with Aquaponics

It's a natural process
The only input is the fish food, which with help from the fish provides nutrients
for the plants

Minimal water waste
Aquaponics uses 90% less water compared to conventional agriculture.

Sustainable Living
It is a sustainable way of farming fresh food all year round. Two crops can be produces for
the price of one!

Good for the Environment
The process is not harmful to the environment. No fertiliser or herbicides are used meaning
the food grown is not only healthy for you,  there are no waste products being pumped into
our water ways.

Aquaponics is a great way to teach children about a variety of subjects. From growing your own
food from the beginning to the end to the lifecycle of the fish in the tank.

you Feed the the Fish
the Fish Feed the Plants
the Plants clean the water for the Fish
you have Fresh Produce & Fish to Enjoy!

Do you like the idea of home grown vegetables all year round?  What about home grown fresh water fish or crayfish?

Aquaponics is a simple, eco-friendly way to achieve this!  We offer complete ready to install kits as well as custom built systems, available in a variety of sizes and styles.

Whether you want to produce enough fresh produces to feed a small or large family, we have a solution for you.