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You can germinate your own seedlings or just throw seeds into the media, if you are buying mature seedlings just wash off the soil around the roots and plant them into the grow bed.

Aquaponics is not limited to growing only fruits & vegetables, you can also grow a range of flowering plants.

Below is just a selection of plants that you can grow in your aquaponic system:

* Celery                                   
* Strawberries               
* Herbs                                   
* Tomatoes                 
* Lettuce                                
* Spinach        
* Cucumber                           
* Capsicum                   
* Beetroot                              
* Cabbage
* Broccoli                               
* Rocket
* Snow Peas                           
* Chillies   
* Bok Choy    
* Marigolds                      
* Dwarf Beans